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    Production advantage

    N-Butyl benzene sulfonamide(N-BBSA)

    CAS NO. 3622-84-2
    Structural formula
    Molecular formula C10H15NO2S
    Properties Item Index Item Index
    Assay % ≥99.5 % Specific gravity 1.145 - 1.152
    Color (APHA) ≤20 Total chloride (ppm) ≤50
    Viscosity (CPS) 150 - 180 Moisture % ≤0. 1
    pH value 7.5 – 8.5   Free butyl amine (ppm) ≤1000
    Thermal stability (APHA)(250℃@3h, N2) ≤250 Appearance Colorless transparent liquid
    Usage Plasticizer of polyamide and cellulose resin, used in latex adhesives, hot melt adhesives, printing inks and surface coatings.
    Packing Galvanized drum or coated metal drum

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