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    Low-temperature resistant Plasticizer


    1.Improve the adhesion of products, flexibility, smoothness, softness and anti-aging properties, Has good low temperature performance, can improve the plasticity of products and extend product life.
    2. Good thermal stability, the products with this product as additive will not change color in high temperature conditions.


    Used in engineering plastics, coatings, resins, rubber, lining and medical food packaging.
    1. Used in modified nylon 6. Nylon 66. Nylon 11 and nylon 12, to increase flexibility and softness, etc.; i. e. automotive industry such as instrument panel, bumper, tubing, etc.
    2. Used in polyamide resin, acrylic resin and paint, the increase the plasticity and adhesion of products.
    3. Used in rubber to increase the stretching force and flexibility of products, i. e. rubber seal gasket.


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